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The University of Southampton

Commercialising research

We actively support our researchers in a number of ways; we enable them to not only commercialise their research, 还可以利用他们的发现建立成功的独立企业.

Spin-out success

Since 2000, 该大学已经分离出13家成功的公司,PG电子竞技平台在这些公司中持有股权. 其中四家已经在伦敦另类投资市场(AIM)上市,总市值为1.8亿英镑. They are the oil exploration company Offshore Hydrocarbon Mapping (OHM), the asthma therapy development company Synairgen, and the fibre laser manufacturer SPI Lasers and Ilika,是一家开发可申请专利的新型功能材料的公司.

But this tells only part of the enterprise story. At any one time, the University is working with over 1,000 external organisations; over 40 per cent of our research projects involve one or more business partners; more than 150 international businesses have chosen the University as a key partner for their research and development; and we have a rolling patent portfolio of more than 300 active patent families with an annual income of about £1m.

Our spin-out companies

Our spin-out companies


Ilika: 以科学为基础的材料发现公司,使用高通量技术.

Visit the Ilika website.

Karus Therapeutics: 通过组蛋白去乙酰化酶(HDAC)抑制剂治疗癌症和心脏病的新药物.

Visit the Karus Therapeutics website.

Synairgen: 努力改善哮喘和慢性阻塞性肺病等肺部疾病的治疗.

Visit the Synairgen website.

Arkivum: 致力于提供长期、大规模的数据存档.

Visit the Arkivum website

BluPoint: 提供一个物理接入点,使离网社区的人们既可以访问手机上的免费数字材料,又可以在社区智能空间中共享数字内容.

Visit the BluPoint website

Turning research into commercial enterprises

Patenting success

将一项突破性研究或一个创新想法转化为商业产品并不容易. Setting up a business, especially for the first time, is very hard to do without advice, support and collaboration. At the University of Southampton we understand this, PG电子竞技平台也认识到确保PG电子竞技平台的研究人员的工作进入现实世界是多么重要. 这就是为什么PG电子竞技平台有许多服务来支持希望将他们的工作带入商业世界的研究人员.


Research and Innovation Services

Learning business skills

Our Research and Innovation Services (RIS) 团队致力于为PG电子竞技平台的研究人员提供个人和专业的支持.

We can help to set up Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 在研究人员和当地企业之间——这是学习商业世界如何运作的一个很好的方式. PG电子竞技平台也鼓励PG电子竞技平台的研究人员成为顾问, 就如何做到这一点提供建议和指导. Our Professional Development Unit 也有一些课程可以帮助你扩展你的技能基础. 一旦你在你的工作中做出了具有商业潜力的创新,PG电子竞技平台可以帮助你获得知识产权许可.

SETsquared business incubator

PG电子官网是世界大学联盟的几所大学之一 SETsquared business incubator partnership.

这个企业孵化器为希望创业的企业家和研究人员提供了一个真正的启动. SETsquared offers up to £50,000 of ‘get-started’ funding, access to free OpenDOOR Software, help with market research, support and guidance from InnovationUK, and a ‘Researcher to Innovator’ course. All of which gives you the resources, 以及从你的研究中创造成功企业的技能.

University of Southampton Science Park

Our Science Park, 总部位于奇尔沃斯附近的海菲尔德校区, 为您的业务发展提供灵活方便的空间.

你可以只租一张桌子或一个很小的空间,没有义务长期租赁. PG电子竞技平台还提供指导和业务支持机会, 以及与科学园其他企业的众多社交活动.

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