What films have you made?

I don't make films.



I know that's confusing. I am somebody who helps other people make films.

I do camera and lighting for people, I edit, and I have done many other jobs over the years ranging from sound recording to art directing.

The point about filmmaking is that it is a team effort. I am part of that team.

So why label this page "Filmmaking"?

Because I am actively involved in fimmaking.  I love, the process of film making. I enjoy the interaction and the craft. My contribution is usually through the camera.

No you won't find films I am the author of because I realised a long time ago that I don't want to direct. I love camera work and lighting, I love being part of the conceptual team, I love editing. But . . . well there's no point in everyone being a director.

So what have I done?


A lot over the years including


Dramas and documentaries on Carlton Tv's First cut scheme

Music videos and documentaries on 16mm

Live multi camera in news studio

Edited corporate videos for international clients such as Elizabeth Arden, and Karl Lagerfeld.

The Great Hip Hop Hoax, Panto, and some work on Orion, all by Jeanie Finlay

See below a few other projects that I found interesting.....

Six by Seven - a music video I shot on 16mm

Home - Camera and lighting
Specialist Rehabilitation - camera and lighting

The journey - an informational film made out of stills that I shot

I'm no hero - a theatre piece that involved video and live performers interacting together

Un hommme et un femme - a recreation of a famous 1960s French film for use on stage